Eating for Health

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What you eat is a crucial factor in determining your health. The principles of healthy eating are fairly simple, but how do you put them into practice? How can you maintain a healthy diet when eating out, or eating at someone else’s house. Learn effective strategies to maintain your healthy lifestyle no matter where you are. Also, do you eat for emotional reasons rather than true hunger? Find out, and learn how to change your eating habits and get emotional healing so that you can start eating for the right reasons.

Sally Christensen is the head cooking instructor at the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. She has been teaching others how to cook healthfully at NEWSTART, Reversing Diabetes Seminars, and local college classes for almost 20 years. Sally was a major contributor and editor of the well regarded NEWSTART Lifestyle Cookbook. She has also done cooking shows for television reaching audiences across the world.

Length: 48 min.